RVCZS Royal Vet Symposium 2014: Key Highlights and Insights

RVCZS Royal Vet Symposium 2014: Key Highlights and Insights

The first Southern UK vet school zoological society symposium 2014. Read here for more information.

Organising team:  Rosie Beaumont and Catherine Jeanes (both VPs – vice presidents Zoological Society for the Royal Veterinary College).
Haith’s had the pleasure in partly sponsoring the event and to be helping a well deserved cause.
Over the 2 days (weekend) 120 students arrived from Veterinary Schools throughout the UK for a packed event schedule. Students attended live lectures and forums from top lecturers in their field including avian common causes of illness and anatomical interpretations.
Small animal nutrition, wetlands and health within the ecosystem and a Parrot Therapeutics lecture given by John Chitty. Also John Lewis gave outstanding presentations on Anaesthesia of the Pacific Walrus.
Some of the practical’s incorporated Chinchilla handling; Clinical pathology, Rabbit and Guinea Pig handling; Exotics clinical skills and Reptile handling.
Also over the weekend the students got time to attend a local Pub quiz in the village and the well deserved Black tie dinner on the Saturday evening.
Haith’s donated a wild bird food hamper towards the raffle prize draw that will be held on Sunday; all donations from the raffle tickets will be presented to the Trent Park Wildlife Rescue, the chosen charity for the event.
Overall it was wonderful to see student vets based in the UK either at the start of their training or coming to the end. Enthusiasm from the students was overwhelming and fired questions in all directions regarding diets, specific food for birds, wildlife, Zoos and their aviaries.
Haith’s recognise the link between vets and wildlife parks/Zoos and that a greater understanding what is entailed to targeting specific breeds of tropical and common species of birds. Vets are usually at the forefront and are able to share potential life saving information that may help diets in the future.
The next location for the RVCZS Royal Vet Symposium will be Edinburgh.

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