UK Budgerigar Club

UK Budgerigar Club

The UK Budgerigar Club (UKBC) is an all-inclusive club to help promote and grow the hobby of keeping and breeding budgerigars regardless of what type or variety.

A fundamental goal of growing the hobby in both the pet branch as well as the exhibition side is at its heart.

It is a place that makes you feel part of a community that shares information and will allow you to learn more, which could help your birds well-being. It’s motto, ‘Where Budgies Come First’, says it all!

It’s a predominantly online club with its own website, and three social media groups where members can interact that cater for exhibition breeders, pet keepers, and one specifically on budgie health.

The UKBC is run by a Management Committee and offers something for everyone, with the help of supporters (like Haith's) they can offer members real benefits, which can only be good for hobbyists.

For years, Haith's have supported bird clubs by supplying seed vouchers and rosettes for competitions - we want to help make shows better and promote bird clubs' efforts to fellow bird-keepers.

Recently we agreed with Graham Turner, one of the founder members of the UKBC, to supply free samples and raffle prizes at the National Exhibition in Stafford, which turned out to be a great success. Visitors to the UKBC Stand were highly impressed with the quality of the seed samples, and the three raffle prize winners were absolutely delighted.

We are a UK based business, and we care greatly for the health of captive and free-living birds so the seeds we supply must be clean and free from dust, debris, and extraneous husk. That's why all our seeds go through our super-clean QC cleaning process.

We still offer high-quality seed blending and packing to the highest standards available to ensure our customers receive the Quality, Cleanliness and Service insisted upon by the founder John 'Ted' Haith and that's why it's also our pleasure to get behind the UKBC and help them attract more enthusiasts to the world of bird-keeping.

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Written by Tina Jakes

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