UKBC lands at Haith’s new HQ

UKBC lands at Haith’s new HQ

Last Friday, the 14th of June, Haith’s were honoured to host a day at their new premises for the popular budgerigar society, The UK Budgerigar Club (UKBC). The day was a resounding success where the Haith’s team had the opportunity to build their relationship with the club and to share their SuperClean cleaning regime with the group.

The day began with the arrival of the guests – members had travelled far and wide; some venturing up from Bournemouth, Norfolk and across the midlands from Wirral, Merseyside.

The Haith’s team gave a warm welcome, providing tea, coffee and biscuits, as the members shared stories about their budgies. The group included breeders, pet owners, and two ladies who run 'Budgie Rescue Wirral'. It was lovely to have such a diverse group, each passionate about their budgies and eager to share their experiences.

People talking in the Haith's canteen.

(UKBC members at Haith’s)

The day started with a presentation - "SuperClean Nutrition for Budgerigars". Gemma Saunders, Customer Service Manager and Julianne Jessett, Customer Service Champion led the talk. They covered the history of Haith's, the benefits of SuperClean seed, and the advantages for UKBC members.

People watching a presentation being projected on a wall.

(Gemma Saunders and Julianne Jessett hosting the presentation)

Next, Simon King, Haith's Director, led a tour of the factory. Mr King's enthusiasm was evident as he explained the machinery and showed the collected dust, highlighting the importance of feeding SuperClean seeds. His knowledge and passion was clear to see as he guided the group through the storage bins, allowing them to see each mix firsthand. The tour concluded with a return to the canteen for lunch.

As the group tucked into the buffet, members shared their experiences of being a UKBC member. As members of all experience levels are welcome, it was clear that this inclusivity was a popular reason for joining. Members also discussed the enjoyment they found in sharing images of their budgies for others to see online.

Neil Cawley, who manages UKBC's social media, shared insights into the club's online community. He reflected on the hard work he puts in to maintain the page and highlighted how positive and supportive the UKBC community is.

The ladies from Budgie Rescue Wirral shared their experiences of caring for budgies in poor condition and praised Haith's seed for its positive impact on their rescues. Their dedication to rehabilitating budgies was inspiring, and it was wonderful to hear how Haith's products contribute to the wellbeing of budgies under their care.

Rachael Haith, Haith's Director, curated the Haith's memorabilia during the lunch break. She discussed old photographs that highlighted key moments in the company's extensive history.

After lunch, Charlotte Nugent, Social Media Champion joined us. She shared printouts of successful posts she created for the club, that achieved good engagement online. This led to an open discussion on how Haith's could further support UKBC through social media engagement, promotion, and discounted products, providing valuable feedback directly from the members.

As the event came to a close, everyone gathered outside to take pictures. It was a windy day but that certainly didn’t dampen the smiles!

A group of people in high vis jackets, standing outside Haith's.

(Group photo of Haith’s staff and UKBC members)

Haith's team members standing for a group photo.

(Rachael Haith, Julianne Jessett, Simon King, Gemma Saunders and Charlotte Nugent)

We would like to thank Graham Turner of UKBC for organising the members and everyone who joined us for the day. We thoroughly enjoyed learning more about the members and their budgies, appreciating the positive difference our seed makes and the joy budgerigars bring. We look forward to continuing this relationship and hosting UKBC for future events.

UKBC members access many benefits including a discount on SuperClean seed, quality closed rings, specialist veterinary advice, extensive learning resources, a digital magazine, discounted products, and a supportive community. To join, follow the link:

Written by Julianne Jessett


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