Robins Plus Blue Oyster: Effective Bait Combinations

Robins Plus Blue Oyster: Effective Bait Combinations

There has been considerable interest in the new Robins since their release, and one of the main queries we have been receiving relates to how they interact with proprietary base mixes that currently have ROBIN RED® in them. Well if you read last month’s article you will note that we included a photo of the Nutrabaits base mix Enervite. This normally is blended with Robin Red, but in an experiment the company made up several kilos of Enervite, substituting the Robin Red for each of the three new Robins.

Fishing hook with baits.


Well, as you can see from the rig photo, they did a very good job, and the resulting bait caught fish consistently.

Now that’s all very well for a bait that normally contains the closely related Robin Red, but how do the new Robins take to being blended with a base mix that is not generally associated with the red stuff? To find out I decided to experiment with the newly released Blue Oyster base mix from Nutrabaits, and as a starting point I used the new Robins at the ‘traditional’ inclusion level of 10%. The following photos detail my results.

Bottle of blue oyster for fishing

This is the new base mix in its raw state.

Fishing baits made with Haith's Robin Gold, Green & Orange.

Here you can see the three balls of Blue Oyster paste with their added Robins. Top right is Robin Gold™, top left Robin Green™ and bottom is Robin Orange™.

Hand rolled baits made with Haiths Robin Gold, Green & Orange.
I hand-rolled the baits and these are some of the sausages. Top to bottom: Gold, Green and Orange.
Hand made fishing baits being boiled.


I am a firm believer in boiling my bait hard and fast, a few at a time on a good rolling boil. Here the hand-rolled bait is cooking nicely!

Round fishing baits

After drying the finished baits look like this.

Finished baits made with Haiths Robin orange, gold & green..
In all honesty the Robin Orange™ does not at first glance appear to have affected the colour of the finished bait too much, but for comparison take a look at this photo. The slightly smaller baits in the centre of this photo are Blue Oyster without the Robins, while the almost identically coloured bigger baits on the left is Blue Oyster with 10% Robin Gold™.
Untreated Blue Oyster baits cooling off after the boil process.


And for further comparison these are untreated Blue Oyster baits cooling off after the boil process.

Fishing baits cut open.

It is only when you cut open a bait that the effect of the attractor – Robin Gold™ – can be seen. On the left is standard Blue Oyster while on the right is Blue Oyster with Robin Gold™. Robin Orange™ and Robin Green™ are in the centre.

Written by Ken Townley


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