Short Session Fishing Tips by Brian Mills

Short Session Fishing Tips by Brian Mills

Wednesday, 17th June 2015

Most of my fishing over the last month or so has been short sessions of between three and five hours. So this time around I thought I would run through how I approach short session fishing…


Blue crate filled with lots of round, red boilies.

Boilies: This is the easy part of fishing on a new lake - my syndicate - and that is the Robin Red Chilli Base Mix and my natural attractor package ( However I have been playing around with the package, by adding and removing and lowering some of the inclusion rates of the powders and liquids.

Seeds and liquid for fishing.

Spomb Mix: This is the exact mix that I explained in my last blog article, see:

Pellets: I’ve been using a mix of the new and unique SuperSoft pellets with great effect and I’ve found that an equal amount of ALL the different SuperSoft pellets gives a great feeding response along with a few halibut and trigga pellets. [Editor: great tip, Brian. Variety being the spice of life and plenty of nutritional signals to keep car guessing].

White spomb in front of woodland.

Marker float: After the first fishing trip this item along with the spomb is more or less made redundant but I always take them with me - I know the spots I want to be fishing and I keep topping them up with bait. If no action is forthcoming or the fish are showing in another part of the lake, I wind in my rods, grab my marker float, and I set off to where the fish are; to try and find out why they are there and then add a little bait to the area in case a) my original fishing spot is taken, or, b) the fish are showing in a different area. (I see very little point in thrashing the water with a marker float or spomb come to that at the start of a short session as there is a good chance that any fish in the area will soon move out).


Black fishing rig.
Fishing lines and hooks.

We all have our favourite rigs, mine is a homemade combi from fluorocarbon and braid fished with the lightest lead possible and fluorocarbon mainline, which I make in the comfort of my own home, and place in a rig wallet. I always carry the equipment with me in case I need to make some changes to the rig.


Fishing rods overlooking a still pond with a swan gliding along.

At the start of the session, I just use boilies and then top up as and when I feel it is required.

Only after I have finished fishing for the day does the spomb rod come out for the spod mix and pellets.

A man kneeling whilst holding a large fish.

To summarise, these tactics are what I have employed on my last ten trips - lasting no more than five hours per trip – and they have resulted in 23 carp and a few tench, which were two singles, 18 doubles and 3 x 20s, two of which were commons and a single mirror of 21lb 6oz.

You’ll hear again from me soon.

In the meantime, enjoy your short session fishing!

Brian Mills
Born to fish

Written by Brian Mills

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