Ant's Favourite Haith's Bait: Top Picks and Tips

Ant's Favourite Haith's Bait: Top Picks and Tips

Wednesday, 29th January 2014

Well I hope you enjoyed my first article for Haith's and I am back with my second article. In this article I am going to do it slightly differently and concentrate on just one ingredient from Haith's which to me is my all time favourite ingredient from them so far. Can you guess what it is?

I would imagine that at this stage most of you would have guessed Robin Red as this is by far the most famous ingredient Haith's are known for but...  If you did guess that then you are wrong, my favourite ingredient is Haith's CLO a fairly new ingredient considering Robin Red has been around since 1950.

Haiths CLO adds texture & crunch to a base mix

So, why is this my favourite ingredient?  Simply put I have never found a single ingredient that adds so much to a bait.  CLO stands for Cod Liver Oil the mix however is a mix of egg biscuit, cod liver oil, seeds and much more.
There are several varieties out there and having tried several of them Haith's is the only one that I found that is mixed to a perfect balance, so much so that it can successfully be used as a bait all on its own with the addition of a few eggs to help bind it together.
To make a boilie using just Haith's CLO use the following recipe;
500g Haith's CLO
3 Large Eggs (Chicken Eggs)
If you want to make your boilie roll slightly smoother replace 50g of the CLO with 50g of Egg Albumin.
In my bait making I use 25% of Haith's CLO in all of my long term recipes as it adds protein, nutrient, texture, omega3 fatty acid (lipids) and binding qualities and is a good basis to start from.  One of my favourite recipes also utilises the legendary Robin Red and I have included it here for you if you fancy giving it a try.  This is the recipe I use to feed my own Koi Carp and they absolutely love it although I have to crumble the boilies at the minute as they are still only about 4" in size.  I have also caught several common and mirror carp on this recipe, nothing huge the biggest being 9lb but I don't target big fish waters.

Red Chilli and hemp boilies

Red Hemp & Chilli Boilies
4oz Haith's CLO
4oz Lamlac
1.6oz Semolina
1.6oz Haith's Robin Red
1.6oz Whole Egg Powder
0.8oz Crushed Hemp Seed
0.8oz Chilli Powder
0.8oz Wheatgerm
0.4oz Egg Albumin
0.4oz Brewers Yeast
3 Large Eggs
20ml CC Moore Liquid Robin Red
10ml Hemp Oil
2tsp Hemp Protein Powder

If you have enjoyed the article and use some of the tips why not upload some pictures of your bait and/or fish captures to either the Haith's Facebook page  or my facebook page

Thank you for taking the time to read my second article till next month tight lines and happy bait making.

Anthony Wood


Written by Anthony Wood

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