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50/50 Haith's CLO & SuperRed: Is It Effective as a Boiled Bait?

I had a PM from a Carp Forum member the other day as follows:

"Hi Ken, Would a recipe of 50/50 Haith's CLO & SuperRed work as a boiled bait? I want a simple but immediate bait as due tomorrow to work/family I only get out 2-3 times a year. Also what attractors would you recommend?

Thanks in advance,

I said that I thought it would roll well and boil like a dream but as I happened to have some ingredients to hand I thought I would do more than just give him advice, I would test it out myself.

Photograph of two pots of bait. One yellow powder with black seeds in and one with orange bait

Now while I did not have any SuperRed in the bait cupboard, I did have a tub of MarineRed, which is constructed along the same Three-In-One lines as SuperRed. I also had a tub of Haith's CLO so I set about answering Andy's question as best I could.

Photograph of a cream bowl of yellow fishing bait in front of a kettle

First I weighed out 50g of both ingredients, and because of their rather coarse nature I decided to put the both through the old coffee mill that is! 

Photogragh of two uncooked eggs in a plastic mixing bowl

As there would only be 100g of dry powders I thought that 2 medium eggs would be sufficient, and so it turned out to be. Breaking these into a bowl I then added the attraction. 

Image of a container of caproic acid and a second container which contains blue oyster attractor

To add still further to the overall appeal I used a couple of Nutrabaits favourites, Blue Oyster flavour and the powerful acidic attractor Caproic Acid. I intended to create high attract hookbaits only, so I went in heavy with the additives in an attempt to create a really powerful 'in yer face' level of attraction that should attract the attention of any passing or browsing carp on the hunt for a nibble. The Blue Oyster went in at 7ml and the Caproic at 24 drops (1 ml). Powerful stuff! 

Photograph of a container with caproic acid and a second container with blue oyster attractor in front of a red round boilie for fishing

Adding the fine-ground blended powders to the eggs was easy and a nice pliable yet sticky ball of paste was the result.

Photograph of fishing bait, lined up on a base of cream worktop

I then rolled the paste out by hand on the work surface, creating several 18-20mm long sausages.

Photogragh of sausage like bait in pan of boiling water

These were then boiled whole in a shallow pan for two and a half minutes, before being turned out onto a towel to dry.

Photograph of bait which has been chopped into small sausage like pieces

Finally I used a sharp knife to chop the sausages into small baits, leaving each bait with two exposed sides. This would allow lake water in and at the same time let the strong. liquid attraction flood out. This is one of my all-time favourite tricks that I have written about many times. It is quick and easy and it works a treat. You might like to try it yourself. Boilies don't have to be round, you know.

It remains to be seen how these strong hookbaits will perform as I have never used such high levels of attraction before. However, having lost out on my hoped for trip to le Queroy, mentioned in my previous entry, I have now sorted out a trip to a new (to me) 40 acres lake in France for early April so watch this space.

So there you have it, Andy. Yes, a 50/50 mix of CLO with any of the Red's will form great baits. Go to it! 

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 Written by Ken Townley


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