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We offer bird food at a reduced price, which benefits both the birds and your budget. But hurry, these special offers won't be available for long. 

We understand that financial difficulties can happen at any time, so we provide year-round discounts to help our customers take care of their feathered friends - but still feed healthy, clean and nutritious bird seeds and feeds.

Don't miss out on these great savings and invest in SuperClean seed, known for providing optimal nutrition to Britain's gorgeous garden birds. Browse through our selection of discounted bird food today.

Cheap Bird Food Offers


  • Coco Fat Feeder

    Regular price From £1.99
    Regular price £1.99 Sale price From £1.99
    Unwrap it, hang it, and prepare for bird visitors from bluet tits and finches to starlings and Long-tailed TitGreat value and enjoyable way to feed seed-rich, high-energy suet to wild birds
  • High-Energy Suet Nuggets

    Regular price £8.40
    Regular price £10.49 Sale price £8.40
    Suet Nuggets are a high-energy suet format that is so full of goodness the garden birds can't resist them.
  • Hi-Energy Berry Suet Log

    Regular price From £2.95
    Regular price £2.95 Sale price From £2.95
    A complementary food for wild birds with a plastic hook at the top suitable for placing around the garden.This Hi-Energy Wild Bird Berry suet log is suitable for all year round feeding for garden birds
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Sale Bird Supplies 

Discover the benefits of choosing bargain bird food for your feathered visitors. With its affordability, larger quantities, and diverse variety, you can provide essential nutrition to a wide range of bird species while staying within your budget. 

Sustained feeding routines supported by budget-friendly options ensure frequent visits from birds, allowing you to observe their unique behaviours. Additionally, by investing in affordable bird food, you contribute to the well-being of local bird populations and promote biodiversity.