SuperClean and now calcium-rich bird diets for garden birds

SuperClean and now calcium-rich bird diets for garden birds

At Haith’s, not only do we use over eighty years of seed buying, cleaning, and manufacturing expertise to make hand-crafted foods we also use veterinary science to improve bird diets.

Our bird seed mixes already provide additional energy and goodness all year round and when supplementary feeding is most required (during the cold winter months and throughout the breeding season) and our super clean seed cleaning formula provides seed safety due to market-leading quality control. 

Advance with Mealworms

Everything we do at Haith's, we aim to make a positive difference and constantly improving our bird diets is part of Haith's DNA - it's what we do. 

Our research team, which includes one of the world's leading veterinary experts and life-long naturalist Professor John E Cooper, have been looking at the role that calcium can play in a bird's diet and it's clear to us that a diet containing calcium is beneficial to birds. 

Calcium has many functions such as muscle and nerve contraction, control of metabolic processes and maybe most important of all, the production of high-quality, well-shelled eggs. Insufficient calcium in the diet can lead to poor skeletal development, egg production and other bodily functions can result. Lack of calcium in young birds can lead to bowing or fractures in the bones (often called ‘juvenile osteodystrophy’) and low blood calcium value (hypocalcaemia) which causes head-twitching and even convulsions. 

Calcium is of vital importance in a bird's diet and provides roughage which in turn is likely to lead to better skeletal development, larger broods, higher fledgling success, eggs with correct shell thickness and optimal body condition in adult birds. 

We think you’ll agree that calcium would be a bonus to any bird's diet and the benefits of calcium are significant enough to add this valuable mineral to our bird seed mixes.

Written by Angela

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