Feeding Budgerigars

Feeding is very often not taken seriously by Budgerigar fanciers. But serious breeders take it as one of their top priorities.

I already written about the importance of requiring the best seed available. With this in mind my suppliers are John E HAITH.

I use Haith`s because they are consistently providing good quality seed and also its very clean. Clean seed free from dust and foreign objects is of importance. Dirty seed will cause health problems for your birds

Plain canary seed

Japanese Millet Red Millet

Panicum Millet

Budgie Tonic Seed

The ideal balanced diet for my birds is 50% Canary seed, and 50% mixed seeds mainly millets.

I personally mix my own seed. My mixture % are Canary 50, white millet 20, Japanese millet 15, red millet 5, panicum millet 5 and 5 of Budgie Tonic seed. This mixture will be fed to my birds all year.

Haiths Budgerigar Tonic Seed mixture is in my opinion and many top breeders the very best Tonic seed available. The mixture is perfect addition to the birds diet. The seeds are high in protein and is ideal to help the birds survive during the colder months ie September to March. I will feed a dish full every other week during the winter months. Also your aviary will smell of aniseed!

Mineralised Tonic Grit

Fine Oystershell Grit

Like most other breeders I use two kinds of grit, mineralized and oyster. Cuttlefish is also available throughout the year, this helps the birds intake of calcium.

Written by Chris Snell


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