Photo of man at the lakeside holding a basket full of caught carp

Winning Tactics for a Great Day of Fishing: Expert Tips

It was a cold and damp Sunday morning, along with around 7 other anglers I did not expect to do very well due to the weather and because the fish are starting to become less active.

I used both Robin Red & Chilli and Robin Red & Garlic made into pellets.

The colours of these pellets are fantastic. I noticed that the colour bled out almost immediately.

I fished from a pole, using a feeder and also fished the margins and had bites almost immediately.

Total catch for the day was 42lb with a good 11lb carp.

I was very impressed due to the fact he was the only one to catch. The other anglers hardly had a bite.

Taking everything into account, the weather conditions and that the lake is very hard to fish I had fantastic results.

All in all it was a great day's fishing.

Photo of man at the pond side holding a large carp


Photo of man at lakeside holding a basket full of carp

Written by Gavin McGuire

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