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  • December 10th

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  • December 21st

  • December 1st

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  • December 3rd

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  • December 14th

  • December 23rd

  • December 7th

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  • December 4th

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  • December 17th

  • December 8th

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  • December 9th

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  • December 20th

  • December 5th

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  • December 2

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  • December 24th

  • December 11th

  • December 13th

  • December 19th

  • December 12th

  • December 18th

  • December 6th

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  • December 15th

  • December 25th

    As we gather around the table for Christmas cheer, Rufus returns home with a full belly and excitement for the new year.

Join us and listen.

The story of Rufus the Robin

Rufus the robin, with his bright red breast as vivid as the berries now hidden beneath the snow, was a wanderer of hedgerows and a whisperer of songs long forgotten by the world's bustle. He searched for sustenance, flitting from frost-bitten branch to branch, but as the cold deepened, so did his plight.

Drawn by the glow of a distant town, Rufus ventured towards the promise of untold gardens. Yet, upon arrival, his hope waned with each window he visited. He saw figures of his kin, perched still and silent upon the sills, but their eyes held no recognition. They were but robins of print and paper, Christmas cards casting illusions of companionship. His calls went unanswered, his pecks at the glass ignored, until at last, the curtains were drawn, and he was left in the cold embrace of night.

With the stars as his only witness, Rufus prepared to surrender to the silent solitude when one more garden beckoned. There, through the window, an elderly woman sat, her silhouette softened by the fireside's gentle dance. No festive cards adorned her ledge, no echoes of laughter within. Rufus, driven by a fathomless urge, tapped the window once more, expecting the darkness to claim his final attempt.

But this time, the script of fate rewrote itself. The woman, roused from her solitude, approached. Rufus's heart faltered, anticipating the fall of another curtain. Yet, what came was a breath of warmth, a crack in the window, and a voice as tender as spring's first bloom. "Are you hungry, my little friend?" she inquired, her eyes wells of kindness. Before Rufus could sing his gratitude, the window closed, the curtains were drawn, and he was left alone once more.

With heaviness in his wings, Rufus turned towards the vastness of the open fields. But as the first step of retreat took flight, a door creaked open, casting a shaft of light upon the untouched snow. The old woman, shrouded in her shawl, approached the bird table with a bag emblazoned with 'Haith’s bird seeds.' With careful hands, she cleared the snow and spread a feast fit for the kings of the air.

"There you are, my dear," she called softly before returning to the warmth of her hearth.

Joy, bright and untamed, filled Rufus as he descended upon the offering. And as his heart and belly filled, a plan took root.

With the break of dawn, the old woman awoke not to silence, but to a chorus. Rufus had returned, not alone, but with a cavalcade of friends – blackbirds, thrushes, chaffinches, wrens – each a fluttering beacon of life against the winter's canvas.

The old woman watched, her heart no longer a prisoner of solitude, as the garden burst with the vibrancy of companionship. And in that moment, with a smile that creased the years away, she drew a card and placed it upon her window shelf. Upon it, a single robin, a mirror of Rufus, with words etched below: "A robin isn’t just for Christmas."

For in that small act of sharing, in the kindling of a bond between hearts both feathered and human, the true spirit of giving had unfurled its wings. And Rufus, once a solitary herald of the changing seasons, had woven a tale of unity, a reminder that even the smallest of creatures can bridge the expanse of loneliness, not just for Christmas, but for always.

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