Long Tailed Tit

The natural worlds next generation

When recruiting for bird food champions to join us here at Haith’s we always look for that special someone.  A great personality, enthusiastic, good at timekeeping are all the usual attributes when looking for new staff but we always look for that something extra too.

Everyone single one of our team members has a love of nature. Caring for nature is what we do. From our directors in the top job, right through to our admin, packing and warehouse teams, our dedication to the UK’s wildlife is never in doubt.

We even created a wellness area for staff mental health and well-being, so when taking a break from our daily work we can spend time outside with nature.

Six months ago, we welcomed Amy to the Haith’s family. From day one we knew she would be an asset to the team. Her love of nature and helping the natural world has been something she has enjoyed for many years. From being a child, she was encouraged by her parents to observe and care for the animals and birds that visited their garden in Letchworth.

After moving north, and living in an urban area, Amy moved south of the Humber to the outskirts of Grimsby. Her new home backs onto open fields and a small, wooded area where she has even been lucky enough to see deer and foxes. In her spare time, she has picked up her love of bird watching again especially during the evening and weekends. Always on the look out for her favourite garden bird the goldfinch, she has also managed to capture these beautiful images feeding sunflower heartspeanuts, Huskfree Advance, Fat Robin & Golden Chorus.

Written by Angela


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