Haith's scoops third place at The Budgerigar Society World Championship

Haith's scoops third place at The Budgerigar Society World Championship

You can probably tell from the photo below that the Haith’s Cage & Aviary Show team were happy to receive third place for best trade stand from Budgerigar Society President, Charlie Bowman.

Haith's scoop third place at the Budgerigar Society World Championship Show

In return we’d like to extend our appreciation to organisers of the BS Show and also add a big “THANK YOU!” to everyone who took the time to drop by the stand and say hello. It’s been a few years since we last attended the BS Show in Doncaster and it was honestly like meeting good friends at the weekend. In fact, we can’t wait for next year...

Haith's team member with Geoff Capes

If you took part in our Bird Seed Hamper draw, thank you for taking the time to complete the entry form – the winners are Mr Mark Rodgers from Ireland and Mr D Vandepeer from Ashford. All those who entered will be receiving something special through the post this week... The hamper was drawn by the legend that is Geoff Capes. Thank you, Geoff.

Haiths Budgie Tonic Mix

Our Budgie Tonic Seed was the most popular product on the Haith’s stand and we enjoyed hearing how excited budgies become when fresh bags of the tonic mix are opened-up in the birdroom. Breeders have been using our Budgie Tonic for many years. It’s often copied – but never equalled!

We gave away hundreds of free BRAVO! Budgie Seed samples and received excellent feedback; confirming that BRAVO! is fast becoming the staple diet of budgie enthusiasts across the country.

This is a key moment in the bird-keeping calendar as we’re fast approaching the breeding season. We’re here to help you bring your birds into breeding condition with our SuperClean bird diets. SuperClean means super safe and nutritious and we (the showteam) encourage you – if you haven’t already – to give dusty seed the boot and switch to seed that’s been formulated and cleaned by specialists.

One final thing and it’s one of the most important: if you belong to a cage bird society (CBS) we want to hear from you and your colleagues. Why? Because we’d like to advertise your forthcoming show and show results on our website and we may even feature you on the back of The Haith’s Times (our quarterly newsletter). As a member of our CBS, we’ll support you with rosettes and seed vouchers, too. Please contact tina.jakes@haiths.com for more information.

Here’s a selection of our favourite photos from the BS Show... see you all next year!

Haiths assistant talking to a customer at the show
Haiths show at the Budgerigar Society World Championship

 Haiths Budgerigar Society World Championship

 Haiths three staff at budgie show

 Haiths Show Stand at the budgie Championships

 Haiths budgie mixes

Haiths Budgie Mixes at the Budgie Show

Haiths Aerial Shot at the Budgie Show

Andrea, Jenny, Chris & Jayne

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