Easisoak- for anglers who fish for carp

Easisoak- for anglers who fish for carp

The name on the bag declares, “For People Who Like Birds”. It should also read, “For Anglers Who Fish For Carp!”


As the name suggests, this blend of micro seeds is very simple to prepare: soak for 24 hours and aw ay you go. However, that is the quick and easy way to do it, more attuned to feeding birds than carp. That’s not to say that Easisoak will not catch after just a soak, but if you take a bit of trouble over the preparation the blend takes on a whole new dimension.

You can judge the complexity of Easisoak for yourself. Look at the wide variety of seeds and grains that make up this superb micro seed blend! Note also the batch and use-by dates on the bag. We aim to supply our customers with the best quality seed blends available and we want them to enjoy our products at their best.

Preparation is quite straightforward. Simply soak in salted water for 24 hours, after which time it will look as it does in this photo. The bait can be used straight away if you wish, which is handy if you are on a session and don’t want to waste precious gas on cooking it. However, it is a lot more effective if it is boiled before being introduced, and I suggest that this is best done at home.

Here the Easisoak has been boiled for about 40 minutes. You can plainly see that many of the seeds have split to show their fluffy, highly attractive, glutinous insides and it is this protein-rich food that carp find so attractive.

Obviously with any micro seed particle blend you need carefully to consider how best to introduce the bait. If boats or bait boats are allowed then your problems are over, but if these are banned on your venue then a spod is the best way to apply your bait carpet. Alternatively you may be able to entice the carp in under your feet and baiting the margins by hand can be very productive on the right lake.

Red Band fishing bait

Many folks will confuse Easisoak with other seed blends such as Red Band Pigeon Conditioner, but to be honest it is very different. That said, like our other mini and micro seed blends, Easisoak is a bait that carp take to readily and they will eat a lot of it once they get their heads down.


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Written by Ken Townley

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