Ken Townley, Bill Cottam - Nutrabaits and Robin Red

Ken Townley, Bill Cottam - Nutrabaits and Robin Red

I first used Robin Red way back in the day when I was a member of a syndicate in Devon called Ockenham Lakes. My mate from up country was using it and had got onto it soon after the word got out and he told me it was the bee’s knees. Naturally I was keen to try it and used in not only in Devon but also on my Cornish venues and at Waveney. My first twenty was tempted by the allure of the red stuff as was Carole’s and catches on Robin Red were much talked about and discussed.

We now move forward a few years and my lengthy correspondence with Tim Paisley eventually lead to an association with Nutrabaits that has lasted nearly thirty years. The company started in Bill’s Mum’s garage as at first it offered just two base mixes, a milk protein base – Hi-Nu-Val – and a spicy birdfood – In those days, fishmeals were yet to be properly tested so milks and birdie mixes were virtually all there was. However, there are birdfoods and then there are BIRDFOODS!

The secret of Enervite’s success was, you’ve guessed it, Robin Red, and that mix is as popular today as it was way back when Nutrabaits first started. Indeed, if I am after a birdfood mix I always turn to Enervite.

Nutrabaits has been using a variety of Haith's Baits products for going on thirty years and I think this just goes to show the trust that the major bait companies put in these quality ingredients such as Red Factor™, Softbill Food™, PTX™, Nectarblend™ and of course genuine Robin Red®, which is used in two other Nutrabaits base mixes, Big Fish Mix and Four Seasons Mix.

Red Factor carp fishing bait

PTX fishing baits for carp

Nectarblend carp fishing bait

Nowadays it is not at all unusual to see bait companies offering a ‘Red’ version of one of their standard mixes. Nutrabaits has not done this but it is simplicity itself to tweak, say, standard Trigga with 10% Robin Red.

You might also be interested to know that I have done well using a bespoke version of 3D Plus, which I customise still further with 10% Robin Red. Another little tweak that has served me very well is to mix Trigga Ice with Ready Mixed Colour food, a similar product to Robin Red but with a slightly different attractor profile.

Ready Mix carp fishing bait
As a company Nutrabaits has always prided itself on being top when it comes to quality. All the base mixes are strenuously tested in the field by an army of consultants and no decision on a final recipe is ever made hurriedly. Thus it was that when Nutrabaits wanted to put together the ultimate fishmeal base mix they enlisted the help of top Yorkshire bait guru Dave Moore. Together with the consultants Dave tested mix after mix. These were assessed, tweaked and developed until at last a finished product was conceived, one that could bear the company name with pride. Big Fish Mix had arrived.

This base mix has been one of the company’s most successful products. It caught fish from Day One and is still catching them today. BFM changed the face of Nutrabaits, bringing the company to the pinnacle on which it stands today. And what do you suppose was one of the first ingredients to go down on paper when Dave was designing the recipe? Yes! It was Robin Red®.

ROBIN RED® is a registered trade mark of John E Haith Ltd

Genuine Robin Red® has been used by Nutrabaits since Day 1 of the company’s existence.

Genuine Robin Red
I have been using Robin Red for more years that I care to remember. Certainly more than 35 years!

I caught my first twenty of a home made boiled bait containing Robin Red back in 1979.

One of the first Nutrabaits base mixes was the ever-consistent Enervite, a bait with Robin Red at its heart.

30lb-common carp
Years later and I am still catching on Robin Red-based mixes. This 30lb common was caught on an Enervite bottom bait.

It is easy to tweak, say, standard Trigga with 10% Robin Red.

This base mix has been one of the company’s most successful products.

Just by looking at it, you can tell that Big Fish Mix contains genuine Robin Red.

Bill with a very large common.

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Written by Ken Townley

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