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Bird feeders for fat balls

Suet is a great provider of calories for garden birds.  Unlike humans, birds need a high intake of fat to give them energy.

This is especially important during the cold winter months. Of course, you can feed suet products like suet balls and fat feasts during the warm summer months with caution, but it’s during the dark days of winter when suet comes into its own.

Garden birds usually need to consume their own body weight in food every day to create enough energy for them to survive the winter months. The quickest way for them to achieve this goal is by eating suet.

Suet comes in many forms but the most popular seems to be pellets, suet balls and fat feasts. Beware though as not all suet products are created equal. Our suet for garden birds contains high-quality fat and each one is made with good wholesome ingredients.

Coco Fat Feeders are a great option as they are ready to hang – all you have to do is unwrap it!

Suet Balls, unless you’re breaking them up and scattering on a bird table, do need their own feeder. However, don’t despair they do come in a range of sizes to suit all budgets.

The De-Luxe Fat Ball Feeder is made from polished stainless steel complete with a perforated tube with a metal top and bottom. It’s easy to clean with a removable base and holds up to five small fat balls.

If squirrels are problem in your garden, then you may wish to help to deter them with a Squirrel Resistant Cage Fat Ball Feeder. Its heavy-duty cage prevents squirrels from feeding and can hold up to three small fat balls. If squirrels do manage to gain entry it also has a tough mesh fat ball feeder. The cage section does clip off for easy filling and cleaning. Standing at just 13” inches high, it’s a lovely compact feeder.

Haith’s Heavy-Duty Flick ‘n’ Click Fat Ball Feeder again holds up to three small fat balls and is made of heavy-duty mesh. This basic, but serviceable feeder, does have some great features. The flick top lid is hinged to flick back easily, a bonus when topping up with fat balls. It closes nice and firmly with a magnetic clasp and, as we always encourage good hygiene, the base removes for easy cleaning.

There’s no denying that birds love energy rich fat balls. If you’re handy at home they can be easily made with melted lard or suet, oats, cake crumbs, unsalted peanuts, and even grated cheese. Mix altogether, place in an old yoghurt pot, allow to cool and then place out for your garden birds.  You can also thread some string or twine through it so they can hang up. Haith’s Songster Food would be the ideal bird food to add to any homemade recipes.

Give your garden birds a suet treat whether it’s a suet ball, pellet, or fat feast, in a fat ball bird feeder or not, we know they’ll just love it.

 Written by Angela

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