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Hanging Bird Feeders

Attract a wide range of birds to your garden with a hanging bird feeder. This type of bird feeder will cater for birds that don’t like to forage on the ground such as goldfinches and greenfinches.

Be assured that any food that falls to the ground won’t be wasted though as garden birds like blackbirds and robins will soon swoop down to pick up whatever has fallen. So, in the end both types of birds will benefit.

The range of hanging bird feeders is staggering. They come in many different lengths and colours with varieties for both nuts, bird seed mixes, sunflowers and suets.

Peanuts are one of the easiest ways to attract and feed garden birds. A word of warning though – during the breeding season we advise feeding them in a mesh container or crushing them before feeding.  Peanut Granules may be a suitable alternative.

Haith’s offer a range of peanut feeders for you to try.  From the ever-popular Heavy-Duty Flick & Click Peanut Feeder to the award winning Nuttery Squirrel Resistant Peanut Feeder we have something for every budget. View the current range here

Hanging bird seed feeders are a great way to add beauty to your garden as well as helping your local wildlife. Filling your bird seed feeder with products like Premium Wild Bird Food or Sunflower Hearts is a rewarding thing to do and birds will reward your kindness by visiting your garden for months to come.

A Big Easy Metal Seed Feeder would be a great choice.  It’s available in two different sizes and has a fantastic lifetime guarantee.

If you’re looking for a basic seed feeder then the Flick & Click Seed Feeder, with its strong perspex tube will hold all types of seed blends. View our up-to-date range of seed feeders here

Soft foods and live foods haven’t been forgotten either.  This cute little Robin & Small Bird Feeder has a durable plastic dome that can be adjusted to help deter larger birds like pigeons. It’s versatile and practical and can be hung from anywhere in your garden from a feeding station or a tree branch. Suitable for mealworms, insect suet pellets and sunflower hearts.

Suet products usually need their own feeders if you choose not to feed them from a bird table. Whether you’re feeding super value suet balls or suet pellets there’s a feeder for them.

The De-Luxe Fat Ball Holder is made from polished stainless steel and has perforated tube.  It holds up to five small fat balls and has an easy to clean removable base.

Our current range of suet feeders can be found here

Perhaps one of the big successes in garden bird feeding in recent years is the way Goldfinches have taken to Niger Seed. This tiny seed is much like our native Teazle Seed and when it's fed from the right type of bird feeder provides an abundant all-year bird food supply which is rich in the essential nutrients these beautiful birds deserve.

If you’re unsure as to whether Niger Seed will work in your garden, then we say give it a try! The Lantern-style Niger Feeder is the economical way to start attracting Goldfinches to your garden and can be hung from a bird table or wall bracket.

The Clinger Niger Seed Bird Feeder allows Goldfinches and Siskins to cling and feed. It’s tough, easy to clean, easy to fill and it looks good in the garden. It also includes a handy plastic sleeve to keep Niger Seed in place, simply fill and then remove the sleeve.

If you have noticed that the birds have not used your new feeder after several days, then simply remove your other feeders for a few days - once they start to feed on the new feeders you can then place your other feeders back in place, but do keep your eye on the seed in the new feeders as if it has not been visited regularly it may become mouldy or stale and the birds will less likely to be attracted to it.

Unsure where to hang a new feeder? Most hanging feeders come with a loop which simply hooks through a tree branch but don’t despair if you don’t have a big old oak tree to hang a feeder from. There’s a couple of different ways for you to try.

Bird Feeding Stations are one option.  These usually come in different styles but usually all have feeding arms at that top which you can hang a bird feeder from.

Another option is a simple bracket – the type that are in garden centres or DIY shops – that are usually sold for displaying hanging baskets.  These can be easily screwed to the side of a house or outbuilding.

Whichever way you choose to hang your bird feeders we do recommend hanging them at the right height for you. Don’t forget you’re the one that’s going to be filling them up at regular intervals, so they need to be easily accessible.

The final thing to do is just sit back and watch your garden birds enjoy their new feeder.

Written by Angela

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