Niger (Nyjer) Seed

Niger or Nyjer seed has been on our product list for decades – since the 1930’s to be exact. It has unique tonic properties and is packed with oil which makes it ideal for garden birds.

Due to its nutritional value Niger Seed is an exceptional seed to feed during the cold winter months when garden birds need extra calories to keep them warm.

It’s also around 18% protein and 35% fat which makes it a bird superfood – loved not just by goldfinches but siskins, finches, and sparrows too.

This tiny seed, you won’t be surprised to know, needs its own feeder. A standard tubular feeder just wouldn’t hold the seed and the result would be a mess all over the ground. Niger Feeders come in all different shapes and sizes and are readily available.

The Lantern Style Niger Feeder is one of our favourites. This budget feeder is the economical way to attract goldfinches to your garden. It can be added to a bird feeding station or hung from a bird table or wall bracket.

If you’re looking for something a little different, then the Clinger Niger Feeder could be for you. It allows birds to cling to the feeder rather than just perch. It’s easy to fill due to the helpful plastic sleeve which keeps the Niger Seed in place whilst topping up the feeder – just remove the sleeve prior to hanging the feeder up.

The Siskin has a very similar diet to the goldfinch and is Britain's smallest finch. It is a bird commonly associated with coniferous forests where it usually breeds. It has greenish coloured plumage, streaked dark brown to black, the male having brighter and darker colouration with a black forehead and chin patch and a black-tipped tail. Females and juveniles are duller with more streaking.

Siskins enjoy peanuts and other small seeds as are provided in Haith's Wild Bird Food or especially Niger Seed. They also take Golden Chorus. But a few years ago, our blending team decided these beautiful finches needed a mix of their own. So, we designed Goldfinch & Siskin Mix. This must be the ultimate mix to attract not only Siskins but Goldfinches too.

We experimented placing our Goldfinch Mix alongside Niger Seed in trials and it became clear (quite quickly) that Goldfinches and Siskins enjoy variety in their seed diet too. This year we've improved the diet further and have introduced dried Sesame Seed to provide useful calcium which can be lacking in birds' diets. 

If you have both of these delightful birds visiting your garden, then why not try Niger Seed or Goldfinch & Siskin Mix.  Many people seem unsure about feeding Niger Seed, but we say don’t be afraid to try it!

We can’t promise a charm of goldfinches will visit but there’s always that chance they will.

Written by Angela

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