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We like to think we know a thing or two about bird seed. We’ve been cleaning, handcrafting, and mixing bird feed for eighty-five years!

We’re still learning of course, but we have over the decades, gained experience in what the UK’s garden birds like to eat.

We understand that the old favourites like Sunflower Hearts and Peanuts are always going to be popular but feeding birds has become a lot more diverse.

Customers contact us every day for advice on the best products to feed their garden birds. Every garden is different, and we completely appreciate that what works in one garden may not work in another which is why we have created many different bird seed mixes. The first thing to think about is that birds feed at different levels. Blackbirds, robins, and wrens prefer to feed on the ground unlike goldfinches, blue tits and greenfinches who will come to bird feeders.

We have created mixes such as Golden Chorus, Mealworm Crumble and Softbill Food for garden birds that prefer to feed from the ground – these gorgeous birds sometimes get forgotten about or just pick around the leftovers that drop from bird feeders or bird tables, but we happen to think that they deserve their own range of bird seed. Take a look at our full range of soft foods here https://haiths.com/collections/handcrafted-softfoods-for-wild-birds

For birds that love to go to bird feeders to feed then we have many mixes that are suitable for tubular feeders.

We have been selling Original Wild Bird Food for decades. It’s full of everyday goodness and what’s more it’s affordable. It’s worked in gardens since the 1960’s and is perfect for both ground and bird table feeding.  It will even go in a bird feeder too.

Feeder Seed contains lots of high-energy oil-rich bird seeds such as Black Sunflower, Sunflower Hearts, and Safflower. It flows freely through tube-type seed feeders that well you may need more than one feeder!

Olympeck Bird Breakfast was created and launched to celebrate Haith’s 75th anniversary (2012), the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth 11 and the London 2012 Olympics.  What a year that was!

This extra special mix contains Sunflower Hearts, which have overtaken the popularity of peanuts in recent years, Black Sunflower, safflower, cut maize and wholesome micro-seeds to be popular with just about every common garden bird that would visit your bird table for breakfast! So, on your marks... Get set! Go "OlymPECK!"

Goldfinch and Siskin Mix is the ultimate goldfinch and siskin magnet. Goldfinches and siskins have never had it this good when it comes to bird food. We experimented over ten years ago placing our Goldfinch Mix alongside Niger Seed in trials and it soon became clear (very quickly) that both goldfinches and siskins enjoyed a variety to their diet. We have now added dried sesame seed into the mix to add that little bit of calcium too.

Spend less time cleaning up after the birds and more time watching them when you feed one of our no grow bird seed mixes.

Huskfree Advance is a no-mess, no waste bird food recipe. It’s 100% edible and contains high-energy bird seeds that your garden birds will just love! It’s Sunflower Heart rich and will not germinate beneath your seed feeders.

Huskfree Advance with Dried Mealworms has the added benefit of Dried Mealworms which in turn means more protein than Huskfree Advance. Suitable to feed from tubular feeders it’s an all-year-round seed mix which is packed with goodness.

The final mix in the huskfree trio is Huskfree Advance with Suet Pellets. This premium mix really does fly off our shelves. Suet provides garden birds with the energy they need both during the cold winter months and the breeding season.

One for All is a bird seed mix for all seasons and all types of feeding styles. It’s potentially the only bird seed mix that you will need on your shopping list. Its key ingredients are sunflower hearts and peanut granules which make it attractive to the likes of goldfinches, greenfinches, robins, woodpeckers, and chaffinches. You will fail to find a more super high-energy mix than this one.

Bird feeding is an enjoyable hobby for people of all ages and by purchasing a specifically designed mix it’s a great way to attract a variety of different species to your garden. Our advice is to sit back, relax and watch the birds visit your outside space in the knowledge that you are helping your local wildlife.

Written by Angela

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